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Load Bank 

Load Bank Infomations:
     Power World Load bank is a continuous Duty, portable, light weight load bank that you can combine any of the discharge power according the requirements of performance parameters, setting corresponding power switches.

1.Standard generator testing
2.Power Supply equipment
3.Battery discharge
4.Frequency converters
6.Hoisting machinery and construction machinery.
7.Rolling mill, machine, centrifuge
8.UPS Power
9.Generator, Transformers
10.Starting, braking, Speed regulation and load testing
11.Medical treatment, motor vehicle, armed forces and industrial control environment.

Specifying a Load Bank
1.Resistance value and purpose of load required (Kw/Kva)?
2.Have any size required ?
3.Test Voltage ?
4.AC or DC test supply ?
5.If AC, is it single or three Phase, what frequency ?
6.If variable / Adjustable, what is the load steps ?
7.Resistive ( Unity / 1 Power rating ) ?
8.Is remote control required ?
9.Load bank control type ?
10Need to install digital meters ( to show voltage, current, Frequency and power ) ?

How to order ?

AC380V 3 Phase 100KW  10 Ω K
              1                                      2                                     3                                     4                5

1.Voltage : AC or DC, 220V or 380V or Other
2.Phase voltage: Single Phase or Three Phase
3.Rated Power(W): 1KW to 10MW
4.Resistance Value(Ω):0.1Ω – 100KΩ
5.Tolerance(%): ±1% , ±2%,±5%,±10%


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Product Advantage
From industrial use and household genset to mobile and Tenancy use genset,power world supply various golden quality genset to meet all kinds of industrial requirements
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