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ATS Devices


Power World series Automatic Transfer Switches are an integral part of the power generation process, allowing smooth and immediate transfer of electrical current between multiple sources and the load. When the generator is operating, the transfer switch prevents dangerous feedback of current to the utility's system. It also ensures that different sources are fully synchronized before their power is combined or loads are transferred, which is imperative of safe operation.

The transfer switch senses when utility power is interrupted, and starts up the generator if the utility power remains absent. In about five to ten seconds, when the generator is producing full power, the transfer switch disconnects the load from the utility and connects it to the generator, restoring electricity to the load. The transfer switch continues to monitor utility power, and when it is restored, switches the load from the generator back to the utility. Once the generator is disconnected, it goes through a cool-down routine and is automatically shut down. ATS size is availble from 30 to 3200Amp.

Choosing the right ATS for the generator set

Generator Set Current: = Genset KVA*1000/Voltage/1.732

ATS Size sould be 120% of the generator set current

ATS Cuts Over System Features:

For emergency power usage in building. Auto transfer switch (ATS) is essential ATS can auto transfer load from mains power supplying to emergency power

When the main power supplying failure or voltage drop below 80% of normal voltage, ATS will auto start emergency generator set after a preset

Time of 0-10sec(adjustable according to the users). Once generator reach reach at rated speed, the ATS will transfer the load to emergency generator sets automatically.

The ATS has large variety current as well as load transform is feasible(20-2500A) 

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